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Order System

We recognize that ordering shoes can seem complicated, so we have tried to make this process easier by explaining our three order methods and how the order process works.

Order Lineup

At HIRO YANAGIMACHI we offer three order methods based on the way the last is created. These are Made to Order, Made to Measure, and Bespoke. We will help you to find the order method most suitable for your foot and your budget.

  • Made to Order

    For those who want more quality and comfort from their shoes

    Our Made to Order shoes are built on our base lasts which we have developed over years of experience to take into account the special characteristics of the human foot. The most appropriate type of last for a customer is determined after trying on our various fitting samples.


    Base last

    Trial Fittings



    Lace-up, Side Elastic and Loafer

    Price Estimate(including shoe tree)

    JPY 250,000 - 350,000

  • Made to Measure

    For those who are not satisfied with Ready To Wear shoes

    Our Made to Measure shoes are built on a base last that has been modified to address any problem points a customer may have with our fitting samples. This order method can accommodate various foot shapes and allows for personalized specifications to the shoe.


    Base last with modifications

    Trial Fittings

    Only with boots


    All styles

    Price Estimate(including shoe tree)

    JPY 300,000 - 400,000 (for first order)
    Without last costs: JPY 250,000 - 350,000

  • Bespoke

    For those who want the most personalized shoe possible

    A bespoke shoe is built on a last that has been created from scratch for a customer. The ideal fit is then achieved through trial fittings. Bespoke offers you the most personalized shoe possible – an opportunity to create a shoe uniquely for yourself, down to the smallest detail.


    Last from scratch

    Trial Fittings



    All Styles

    Price Estimate(including shoe tree)

    JPY 450,000 - (for first order)
    Without last costs: JPY 300,000 - 400,000

For those who would like more detailed information, please see our Lineup List.

Lineup List

For those considering bespoke for the first time, a message for you.Message

Order Flow

Here we guide you through the process of ordering shoes, from your first visit to the shop to when you receive the finished shoes.
We hope to explain this process clearly enough so that there is no confusion or uncertainty even for first-time customers.

  • 1 Enquiry / Shop Visit

    The first step is to enter your information on the Contact Form with the dates and times you prefer for an appointment. Please feel relaxed when you come to visit us.

  • 2 Fitting Sample Check / Order Method Explanation

    When you come to the workshop, we will conduct a fitting check using our fitting samples. After examining the shape and features of your foot and discussing your fitting preferences, as well as any problems you may have, we will determine the most appropriate order method for you.

  • 3 Measuring for the Last

    If it is determined from your consultation that a last should be created, we will take your foot measurements. Each foot will be measured in both sitting and standing positions with socks on and we will note your feet's various measurements and dimensions, as well as any special characteristics your feet may have.

  • 4 Discussion of Shoe Specifications

    Next we will discuss the specifications for your shoe, in the following order: ① Design, ② Upper Material, and ③ Sole Material and Specifications. We will help you find the style and type of shoe that is right for you from among the many options we offer.

  • 5 Quotation / Contract

    After discussing the specifications for your shoe, a quotation for the shoe will be given to you based on the price of the chosen product plus any additional charges from order specifications and/or last production method. The order will be commenced upon receipt of a 50% deposit.

  • 6 Trial Fitting

    With bespoke customers we will conduct a preliminary fitting using a trial shoe before production of the shoe starts. With there is normally only one trial fitting, there are sometimes cases in which more times are needed to achieve the right fit.

  • 7 Receipt of the Finished Product

    For the receipt of the finished product, we request that customers come to the workshop in order to conduct a final fitting check. If there are no issues with the fitting, the remainder of the bill will be settled and the shoes handed over.